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New Parts for the 150 :)

Latest on the 150

Another new part for the truck. Had the classic winter rock damage to the front windshield :headbang: $200 deductible.
Also had the original alternator go, so picked up a new one from the local Ford dealer. (And a new serpentine belt.)
Have 178,000+ miles on this 18 year old truck. Did I say 18 years!


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don't play well w others
Linkie no good....


don't play well w others
That's what I'm thinking about putting on my 95.

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Well here I go again, lol!
Since I just got another Gen.10, been going thru the whole truck. Swapping all the bulbs to LED’s. Had to get a new antenna for this truck too. New tail lights coming. All OEM parts of course :)

I hope your having better luck with leds than i am. Mine keep going bad. Least the ones i put in the 3rd brake light assembly do.