Raptor Bed Liner Review: Unmatched Protection for Your Truck Bed​

Most Ford Truck owners use bed liner coatings to protect the bed of their truck. One popular option on the market is Raptor Bed Liner coatings. Raptor bed liner is a protective coating applied to the bed of pickup trucks, aimed at safeguarding against the wear and tear of daily use. Composed of a durable urethane-based material, it shields the truck bed from damage such as scratches, dents, rust, and the corrosive effects of chemicals. Raptor's unique formula not only provides a barrier against physical damage but also enhances the appearance of the vehicle, offering a variety of textures and finishes to suit different preferences.

Raptor Bed Liner - finished

The application process of the Raptor bed liner is straightforward and can be performed by professionals or through do-it-yourself kits offered by the manufacturer. The coating is typically sprayed onto the truck bed, creating a seamless layer that contours to every corner and surface. Once applied, the bed liner cures to form a tough, flexible, and slip-resistant surface that ensures long-lasting protection.

Beyond its protective features, the Raptor bed liner is known for its versatility. It isn't limited to truck beds but can also be used on other vehicle parts and surfaces that demand high levels of durability. The adaptability of this product makes it appealing not only to truck owners but also to enthusiasts looking to enhance and protect various automotive investments.

What Is Raptor Bed Liner?​

Raptor Bed Liner is a durable and tough protective coating designed to safeguard truck beds and other surfaces. It is known for its ability to withstand harsh conditions, providing a long-lasting and resilient barrier.

Components and Qualities
Raptor Bed Liner kit

Raptor Bed Liner, produced by U-Pol, is a two-component urethane system that forms a protective layer once cured. This liner is noted for its:
  • Durability: Resists abrasion, rust, and provides impact resistance.
  • Flexibility: Adheres well to surfaces and does not flake or peel.
  • Resistant to UV Rays: Protects against fading or chalking.
  • Waterproof: Effective barrier against water and moisture.
  • Part A: Isocyanate hardener
  • Part A/B Mix: Refined urethane-based coat

Varieties and Colors​

The product comes in two primary versions:

  1. Black: A classic, ready-to-use black coating.
  2. Tintable: A customizable option that can be tinted using automotive color tints.
Packaging Options:

  • Aerosol: Convenient for small touch-ups or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Gallon Kits: More economical for larger projects, covering more surface area.

Areas of Use​

Raptor Liner is versatile, predominantly used for:

  • Vehicle Bed Liners: Mainly intended for the protection of truck beds.
  • Allows for application on:
    • Automobile underbodies
    • Wheel arches
    • Other substrates that require a protective coating

Application Process​

The application of RAPTOR bed liner is a straightforward process that involves surface preparation, actual application of the product, and allowing for adequate curing and drying time.

Here are a couple videos documenting the application process of Raptor Bed Liner coatings:

Surface Preparation​

Before applying RAPTOR bed liner, one must ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of any rust, grease, or debris. This may involve:
  • Sanding: Lightly sand the surface with a 180-220 grit sandpaper.
  • Cleaning: Wash the surface with soap and water, then wipe down with a grease and wax remover.
  • Repairing: Fill any significant scratches or gouges with a suitable body filler and sand smooth.

Actual Application​

Following the preparation of the surface:
  1. Mixing: Shake the RAPTOR Liner bottle and mix in the hardener as per the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Spraying: Use the recommended RAPTOR spray gun or HVLP gun set at approximately 40-60 PSI to apply the bed liner to the surface.
  3. Layering: Apply the product in coats, allowing each layer to become touch-dry before applying the next.

Curing and Drying Time​

After the application of RAPTOR bed liner:

  • Drying: The initial drying time is typically around 1 hour to the touch, depending on environmental conditions.
  • Curing: Full curing can take up to 5-7 days. It is critical not to load heavy items or expose the liner to harsh conditions during this period.

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