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  • Fellro
    Fellro replied to the thread Hello.
    Welcome! We would love to see it!
  • Pedrola posted the thread Hello in New Member Intros.
    Just joined after reading several very helpful threads. I'm a new owner of a 1959 F100 Styleside Pickup with a 223 inline 6. Working on making it a daily driver then a full restoration. Looking forward to the helpful communications.
  • fatherdoug
    fatherdoug posted a comment on the article Where Are Ford Trucks Made?.
    Just wanted to add that the earlier trucks with 11 digit VIN's have the 5th digit showing where the vehicle was manufactured. For example the 5th digit on my '78 VIN is "R", indicating San Jose as the manufacturing plant.
  • Beach66Bum
    Beach66Bum replied to the thread Hi all.
    Welcome to FTF! What a beauty! smilieFordlogo Have you found the issue? I was chasing a stumble off idle, rebuilt the carb twice. Turned out to be a worn distributor! So electrical after all! (That old saying, 90% of the time it’s electrical...
  • Beach66Bum
    Beach66Bum reacted to Mrwoodbeard1969's post in the thread Hi all with Like Like.
    Hi all iam new to all of this I’ve just purchased a 1947 Ford f1 ( jailbar) this is a new old truck to me so leaning as I go along lol. Iam on the look out for a few bits & bobs like a temperature sensor on the block
  • jossh96 replied to the thread 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty.
    Does it have the 5r110 transmission in it?
  • Fellro
    Fellro replied to the thread Holley carb.
    It has the appearanceof being correct anyway. Open the choke, and while looking inside, pull the throttle linkage quickly like you are flooring it and watch for a bit of gas to shoot out inside. If there is nothing, then your accelerator pump...