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1976 Ford F250 Profile

1976 Ford F250 - Frankentruck Off-Road -  Ford Truck Profile

Basic Info

Ownership Status
I own it


390 cid New Process 435 tranny, Hooker headers, Edelbrock carb and intake New Process 205 transfer case, Dana's front and rear.
Chassis & Suspension
4wd factory highboy
Wheels & Tires
Chrome mags Master Craft courser 35's
Body & Paint
Cab is F150 with clutch and behind seat gas tank added. Paint is custom mix gunmetal grey metallic with 5 coats of clear
Interior & Electronics
Stock reupholstered bench seat, original door panels and dash, all lights converted to l.e.d. inside paint original red. Door and window seals replaced new vinyl one piece floor covering. New oil pressure, temp, amp, vacuum, tach, and air/fuel ratio gauges.
I'm the 2nd owner of the F150 and bought the F250 in 2004. Took cab, man. tranny, steering gear box from F150 and installed them on the F250 chassis trading the C6 for the manual tranny and converting the steering away from the piston style to the Ford integrated gear box from the 2wd F150. Also took in cab fuel tank from F250 and added it to the F150 cab. This becoming Frankentruck F400
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