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1979 Ford F150 Profile

1979 Ford F150 - Mudpig Off-Road -  Ford Truck Profile

Basic Info

Ownership Status
I own it


400 with the c6. With long tube headers and to dual glass packs running start up timing and a 4bbl 600 Holley
the np205 transfercase
Dana 44 front differential did have a 9in rear differential in till I exploded it now it has a 8.8 in it and have a 10.25 to swap out when front is upgraded.
Chassis & Suspension
Other then the 6in lift kit and the body lift and the bumpers it’s still stock.
will be looking for a new frame soon to start building a four link set up and may be coil overs
Wheels & Tires
35x12.50x15 road tires with 92-96 Ford F-150 stock aluminum rims and off road I run 39.5x14.50x15s tsl on 70s steel rims
Body & Paint
Started making a good scoop from another hood other than that the body is primer brown as I teach myself body work.
Paint it is planned to be done mainly black with orange trim and rockers.
Needs bed ideas
Interior & Electronics
Stock other the the headliner and carpet has been removed about to add a two amps one in the cab for 2-10in subs and one in a box in the bed for 2-15subs to use at mud events
The truck was my family’s farm truck and it’s been pasted down to me and then one day to my son.
My goal is to see it sitting on 42s with about 12 lift and kicking around ideas for a a more powerful motor and stage 3 transmission kit or 4speed and a np205 double stick transfer case and one ton swap it and four link it.
Body I am going to widen the wheel wells a 3ins and make a bed thinking about making long step side bed for it with 6-8pt roll cage and a a winches front and rear. I am building it for personal off road fun and occasional road use and for local mud events for now
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