Have you ever wondered where Ford trucks are made? If you drive a Ford truck or you are considering purchasing one, its manufacturing location may be a big deal for you. Here, we will take a look at where Ford trucks are made and how to tell where your Ford truck was manufactured.

Where is the Ford F-150 made?

Ford F-150​

All Ford F-150 trucks are manufactured in the United States in one of two manufacturing facilities. The first production facility is located in Dearborn, Michigan while the other production facility is located in Claycomo, Missouri.

How to Find Out Where Your F-150 Was Made​

If you own a Ford F-150, then you can find out which production facility your truck came from by looking at the vehicle’s VIN number. You can find the VIN number on your F-150 on the driver’s side door jamb. Once you have located the VIN number, look at the 11th digital. If the 11th digit has an F, then that means that your F-150 was produced in Dearborn, MI. If your F-150 has a K as its 11th digit, then that means that your F-150 was produced in Claycomo, Missouri.

Has Ford Ever Produced the F-150 Outside of the United States?​

There was a brief period of time when Ford produced F-150s in Canada specifically for the Canadian market. However, that production facility was shut down and now all F-150 trucks are produced in the United States.

Where is the Ford F-250 made?


The Ford F-250 is the company’s Super-Duty truck which slots right above the F-150. All F-250 models are produced at the company’s Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Where is the Ford Ranger made?

Ford Ranger​

The Ford Ranger is the company’s popular mid-size truck. All Ford Ranger trucks are made in the Ford assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan. That means that all Ranger trucks are currently produced in the United States.

Has the Ford Ranger Always Been Produced in the United States?​

The current fourth generation of the Ford Ranger has always been produced in the United States. In the past, the Ford Ranger was produced in the General Pacheco facility from 1998 to 2011 in Argentina.

Where is the Ford Maverick made?

Ford Maverick​

The Ford Maverick is the compact truck in Ford’s line-up. Currently, all Ford Maverick trucks are made at the Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly in Mexico. The current production of the Ford Maverick commenced on September 21, 2021.

Where is the Ford Bronco made?

Ford Bronco​

The Ford Bronco is the brand’s off-road SUV. Currently, all Bronco models are produced at the company Michigan assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan.

Ford Bronco Sport​

The Ford Bronco Sport is the smaller version of the Ford Bronco. Currently, all Ford Bronco Sport models are produced at the Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Ford Explorer​

The Ford Explorer is the automaker’s popular mid-size SUV. Currently, all Ford Explorer models are manufactured at the company Chicago Assembly Plant in Chicago, Illinois. Previously, the first four generations of the Explorer were produced at Ford’s Louisville Assembly Plant in Louisville, Kentucky, and the now-closed St. Louis Assembly Plant in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ford Edge​

The Ford Edge is the company’s top-selling small SUV. Since the Ford Edge is sold all over the world, the SUV is produced in a number of countries. Currently, the Ford Edge is produced in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and China.

Ford Mustang Mach-E​

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the company’s first all-electric SUV. Currently, the Mustang Mach-E is manufactured at the Cuautitlan Stamping and Assembly Plant in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico.

Ford Expedition​

The Ford Expedition is the company’s full-size SUV. Currently, the Ford Expedition is made at the company’s Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ford EcoSport​

The Ford EcoSport is the company’s compact SUV. Currently, Ford EcoSport SUVs are manufactured in the Camaçari plant in Bahia, Brazi as well as other factories in Russia, Romania, Thailand, and India.

Where to Find Out Where Your Ford Was Made​

You can find out where your Ford was made by checking the Final Assembly Plant near the bottom of the window sticker. Also, you can look at the vehicle’s VIN number. If the first digit of your vehicle’s VIN has a 1,4 or 5, then the vehicle was built in the United States. If the first digit is a 2, then the vehicle was built in Canada. If the vehicle’s VIN has a 3 as a first digit, then the vehicle was built in Mexico. Here is a look at other codes that can tell you the country of origin of a vehicle.

  • J - Japan
  • K - South Korea
  • S - England
  • W - Germany
  • Z - Italy

How to Find the Vehicle Build Date on a VIN​

In addition to knowing where your Ford was built, you may be interested to know exactly when your Ford was built. You can find this information by looking at the very last digits on your vehicle’s VIN number. The build date will start with the number 1 followed by the year month and then the day.

Why is it Important to Know Where my Ford Truck or SUV is Made?​

There are a number of reasons why you may want to know where your Ford was made. For some people, purchasing a vehicle in the United States is important to them. While Ford is an American automaker, not all of its vehicles are made in the United States. While certain models such as the F-150 are all made in the United States, other models can be made partially in the United States.

Does Country of Origin Affect Vehicle Quality?​

Country of origin may affect the quality of a vehicle in a surprising amount of ways. For many people, they have perceptions that certain countries know how to “build better vehicles.” However, there are other factors that can affect the quality of a vehicle’s build. For instance, the travel distance of a vehicle’s assembly parts may affect overall build quality. If the assembly plant is located far from its component manufacturer then this could affect build quality.

Obviously, the quality of the workers will have some effect on the build of the vehicle. However, most manufacturers will be able to overcome any worker issues by having the right training at all of their assembly plants.

Does Country of Origin Affect the MSRP of a Vehicle Price?​

There are two major reasons why Ford, or any other manufacturer, will assemble a plant in a given country. First, the proximity of the assembly plant to the final point of sale is going to be important. Second, the overall cost of manufacturing the vehicle is going to be a factor. As an example, the Ford EcoSport is Ford’s most affordable SUV, therefore the company needs to keep its manufacturing costs as low as possible in order to realize a profit. This is why the EcoSport is made in Brazil.

On the other hand, F-150 trucks have the biggest profit margin of all Ford vehicles thanks to the truck’s strong reputation. Therefore, Ford can afford to have all F-150s assembled in the United States where worker wages are generally higher.

Does Country of Origin Affect Vehicle Resale?​

If you are looking to resell your Ford on the private market, then it is unlikely that the country of origin is going to play a really big deal. Most people will not know where a certain Ford vehicle is produced. However, if you want to potentially boost the resale value of a Ford F-150, then you should emphasize that your truck was assembled in the United States.

Who Are Ford’s Main Suppliers and Where Are They Located?​

As you know, a Ford vehicle is made of thousands of different parts that will come from a number of different suppliers. Therefore, you may be interested in knowing exactly who these suppliers are and where they come from. Like most manufacturer’s Ford utilizes suppliers from all over the world to provide parts and components for their Ford vehicles. Here’s a look at some of Ford’s top current suppliers:

  • NHK Spring - Shiga-ken, Japan - Supplier of vehicle suspension stabilizer linkages.
  • U-Shin Europe - Komárom-Esztergom, Hungary - Supplier of steering columns.
  • Valeo Electric and Electronic Systems - Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland - Supplier of starter assemblies.
  • Warn Industries -Clackamas, Oregon - Supplier of axle assemblies.
  • Flex-N-Gate Seeburn - Ontario, Canada - Supplier of door hinges and arms.
  • Webasto Roof & Components - Schierling, Germany - Supplier of sliding sunroofs.
  • Summit Plastics - Nanjing, China - Supplier of instrument panel components.
  • Dee Zee - Des Moines, Iowa - Supplier of running boards
  • Chaidneme - Bogotá, Colombia - Supplier of mufflers and exhaust systems.
  • Autoliv - Stockholm, Sweden - Supplier of airbags.
In addition to these suppliers, Ford works with other indirect suppliers including Cisco Systems, Penske Logistics, Roush, Union Pacific, and FedEx. All of these indirect suppliers are based in the United States.

Understanding Where Your Ford is Made​

Whether you currently drive a Ford or considering one, you will want to have a clear understanding of where the vehicle was made. Always remember that you can start by looking at the vehicle’s VIN number. Additionally, if you choose certain models such as the F-150 or the Ford Bronco, then you can be sure that your Ford was made in the United States.