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New Parts for the 150 :)


Has the Cat Scratch Fever
Hahahaha just tell them loud pipes save lives!


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Finally got around to replacing the original shocks. Went with Rancho's. Price was good and definitely better than the old ones.


Thanks Cliff. The ride is not harsh or rough like so many comments I have read. And for the price, I think it's a good upgrade from the stock ones.

Thanks, I will check into a set for my Expy the shocks are worn and need replacing.


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New Tires

Well the KO2’s wore out so I just replaced them with the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT brand. A much friendlier street tire since I do 99.9% of my driving on the road. These tires have the 3 mountain peaks also like the KO2’s, so I am covered for all roads in winter driving. Also went back to the factory size of LT265 70R17 to help with better gas mileage (and performance)

Now if I could remember how to paste a pic, lol!
I have a problem, haha! I like shiny....:D

wait wait wait... you like shiny but i dont see any chrome pieces in the list...


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Some more small things for the 150, but make a bright difference.
Switching to LED bulbs. I went with the Zevo LED’s by Slyvania.
I haven’t got to the turn signals yet. From what I have been reading, I need to swap out the flasher module for one that is designed for the low amp draw.
From the videos I have seen on YouTube, looks like a bit of a pain.


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So I now have swapped out all interior and all exterior bulbs to LED’s
You need to change the factory flasher relay to a LED relay.

Those videos on YouTube showing guys spending a few hours taking off trim panels, etc to change the relay....DO NOT WATCH! Haha!

You can access the relay without removing any trim panels! Just lie on your back and reach up. Turn on your hazards and you will hear and feel the relay, so you know you have the correct one. (It’s the blue cube)
And lots of room the get at it 😃
Took me 5 minutes!