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New Parts for the 150 :)

Hey Chris, it's not the best pic showing the new fog lights...
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Thank you Ken :)
Yes, there is only so much you can do to restore older parts, there comes a time when you just have to replace, hee hee

remember our early Christmas presents from last

Yeah man...I remember well.....those are fun little upgrades to do during the summer.


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haha, not!
scored a cool deal that will get me a new surf board and some awesome surfing apparel!! in exchange for reno work :)

Does said surfing apparel include a banana hammock? smilietease
Also bought a spare key fob and programmed it. Really easy to do. Cycle the ignition key on/off 8 times and leave it in the on position (on the 8th cycle) the locks will lock/unlock showing you it's in the programming mode. Then press your existing fob (any button) the locks will lock/unlock. Then press the new key fob, the locks will lock/ unlock. Remove the ignition key and try each key fob. That's it! Under a minute.