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'92 F250 - Normal start then dead!

My ultra-reliable 1992 F250 started as usual yesterday morning, but after about 20 seconds abruptly died out (as if a light switch was flicked off). There was no sputtering, no coughing, just a short cutoff. Soon thereafter I could clearly smell what seemed to be overheated wiring in the cab, but nothing in the engine bay. The car has not started since. The starter will turn the engine and a shot or two of starting fluid did not start or sputter the engine. An inspection of the engine bay did not turn up any signs of wiring distress, nor did an evaluation of the truck's fuses. I'm guessing a failure somewhere in the ignition system.

I'm at a loss without a clue where to start troubleshooting. ANY ideas, clues or help with diagnostics would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


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I'm with Smokey, but it could be ignition switch. try changing the position of the tilt column, and try again

Much appreciated feedback guys... I'll take a look at both. Can the ignition switch just "go out" as after the truck started, I released the key. It was about 20 seconds later that the engine abruptly shut off (it was a bit surprising to me how almost immediate it died).


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Proably TFI
It's on the driver's inner fender on your truck
Make sure to replace gray ones with gray, black ones with black ones.
No dice with the new Ignition Control Module!

Well... Replacing the Ignition Control Module did nothing. The truck still turns over, but does not start. My hunch now is to try and figure out what could go bad in the cab (recall the smell of burning wire which still lingers in there). I've thought about replacing the ignition switch, but do not understand how they can just "go out"? Thoughts anyone??
I'd start with the basics , check all fuses , check to see if you have spark , check to see if you have fuel. Pull codes from the system and go from there.


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There was a recall on the ignition switch.
Check your serial number with the dealer, and see if it was done
Ignition Switch replaced... nothing's changed.

The mystery continues. I replaced the ignition switch and still there is a no start situation. What continues to boggle me is the scent of burnt wire/electrical that still is in the cab almost a week after the engine shut down. The same scent is not in the engine bay so I still lean toward something in the cab that went south. Also checked inertia switch which is showing a still depressed red button. All I can think of is the tank switch (but then again, a few sprays of starter fluid into engine did not result in it firing in any way). I'm at wits end!!