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  1. 1976 F250 2" Wide Rear Brake Drum

    I have a 1976 F250 with rear brake problems. The drums are worn down to the point they need to be replaced. It has a light duty brake system with an unusual rear drum size, 2" wide 12" diameter, which I cannot find a replacement for. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what have you done to...
  2. DanielBMoore

    Low Power Consumption Side Emblems

    Hello All,Can anyone please help me to find F250 Super Duty Illuminated Side Emblem with low power consumption and Black background finish?
  3. Suggestions on Replacing My Truck's Side Emblem

    Hi AllI'm looking for suggestions on replacing my existing passenger side and driver side emblem to LED illuminated emblem for my f350 truck? Can anyone please help me. Thanks in advance for your comments
  4. Ford F-250 Truck Accessories

    I'm looking for Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover, Fender Flares & Illuminated Fender Emblems suitable for 2013 Ford F-250 Truck. If anyone knows where can I get one at a reasonable price please let me know. Thanks in Advance :)
  5. Ford Truck Accessories

    I need truck accessories for Ford F150. Can I get any help to finding it because I don't know which sites are trustworthy? I would thank full if I get any help.
  6. '92 F250 - Normal start then dead!

    My ultra-reliable 1992 F250 started as usual yesterday morning, but after about 20 seconds abruptly died out (as if a light switch was flicked off). There was no sputtering, no coughing, just a short cutoff. Soon thereafter I could clearly smell what seemed to be overheated wiring in the cab...
  7. motor mounts

    I recently tore into my water pump to replace it. started noticing several different issues but the one I'm not sure of is my motor mounts that needs replaced.(4.9 liter). do I need to take the transmission mount loose before I jack up the motor? I'm not sure if it will move that far without...
  8. 2000 F250 Ball Joint issue

    Upper and lower Ball joints replaced on 2000 F250 RWD 7.3 and now truck is darting and just about undrivable Worse to right than left. Steering will not come back to center after making a turn. Either direction. No darting before BJ's replaced. Parts thrown at it by 3 different shops, BJ's...
  9. 86 F250 keeps dying

    Okay so I bought this f250 about 2 months ago and was driving it around town never made any huge trips with it, but last week I was going on a 2 hour trip and 20-30 minutes in the truck just randomly dies on the highway, I had to pull to the left side and tried to crank it over, but wouldn't go...
  10. 67 F250 Camper Special - Need original rims!

    Hi all. I have a '67 F250 4x2 Camper Special I inherited from my father. My goal is to restore to original condition. Not a show truck but bring it back to its original luster.Motor was rebuilt about 25 years ago and has had maybe 2k miles since. Body is straight and interior is in good shape...
  11. 96 F250 headlight troubles

    I have a 1996 f250 and I am having problems with the headlights. I used the truck the previous day and everything worked fine but now they don't want to turn on at all. Now it has an HID kit so I figured that was the problem but I put my old headlight in just to see what it does and I only got...
  12. 1967 F250 Camper Special

    Hi guys. I just got this 1967 f250 camper special. This will be my first rebuild on a vehicle and I need some help finding a carburetor rebuild kit. Its a Holley carburetor I looked on their site and couldn't find the matching serial number. These are the numbers on it -6R-3947-B3671199...
  13. In my Backyard

    In my Backyard

  14. Friends Toyota..

    Friends Toyota..

  15. 250 + Explorer

    250 + Explorer