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1976 F250 2" Wide Rear Brake Drum

I have a 1976 F250 with rear brake problems. The drums are worn down to the point they need to be replaced. It has a light duty brake system with an unusual rear drum size, 2" wide 12" diameter, which I cannot find a replacement for. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what have you done to solve it? There are plenty of 2-1/2" drums available. I'm wondering if the whole assembly, plate and all, can be switched for a 2-1/2" assembly. Any ideas?
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What axle does your truck have? That may determine what your options are for replacement brake kits.

Not sure what your budget is but if drum brakes would be expensive anyway, might be worth looking at a disk brake conversion ;)
I found this part number for that 12 1/8 inch x 2" drum, D1TZ-1126-A. I found a couple of different sources for them but they seem to be pricey.

Hope that helps!
If you are lucky there should be a metal tag on one of the bolts on the pumpkin that has the ID for the axle on it. You should be able to figure out the axle from there. Wouldn't hurt to double check the type to make sure you are looking for the right part.