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2000 F250 Ball Joint issue

Upper and lower Ball joints replaced on 2000 F250 RWD 7.3 and now truck is darting and just about undrivable Worse to right than left. Steering will not come back to center after making a turn. Either direction. No darting before BJ's replaced. Parts thrown at it by 3 different shops, BJ's replaced with Moog. Line up shop said it needed Camber busings. Went ahead and had new tires (same as what was on it) put on with Camber bushings and alignment. No difference all over the road. Took it back. Now this shop said first shop has RF BJ'S to tight. Had RF BJ's replaced again. Made NO difference. 3rd shop replaced outer tie rod ends. NO difference. Took to local Ford Dealership. They decide it needs a steering box but had no answer as to why it wasn't doing this before BJ'S replaced. Told them I was tired of throwing parts at it. They aligned it. NO difference!
Would really appreciate any info I can Get. Thanks!
ball joint issue

My 1999 2wd super duty diesel is doing much the same. Ive done the steering box ,no help,I believe its acting much like a king pin front end when the king pins are beginning to cease up from lack of grease. the wheel doesn't want to return to center so the driver attempts returns it and over corrects from to much resistance leading to chasing it left and right. My ball joints are without play as they have been replaced. I think they are partially froze up. I attempted to lubricate them with fluid film hoping it would creep in to the stiff area. it did help but not for long. The truck sat for about 1 month and they were stiff again. This is not to say they were cured--- they were better but not acceptable. So now I think Ill try drilling small holes into the B J,s and try getting some lube inside. If this works Ill replace the B J,s hopefully with some that have grease fittings if any such thing exists. If this woks Ill post the outcome in this Forum. Ive owned several 1989 thru 2006 F-250,s and 350,s 2 and 4 WD. none of them drove this poorly. Yet this is a clean rust free well cared for truck with 250,000 miles. the front end has been rebuilt several times. It starting driving crappy the last 30,000 miles.Like you Ive spent too much chasing this, I put a leveling kit in, 3 front end alignments , a dropped pitman arm, new tires , and Ive concluded most front end shops are parts changers,little more.
MOOG can be hit or miss with their parts.. but sounds more like they didnt get something tightened down properly. if it started after the ball joints were replaced id suspect them above anything else..

the ones in question are they 2wd or 4 wd..? based off the OP id say 2wd if theyre replacing camber bushings.. but might have been a shop trying to fish for money.