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no start

  1. Kaajot

    1997 F-350 No Start Condition, Code 542 (Fuel Pump/ECM Related)

    That didn't take long. I am lucky if I have 10 miles on this thing since purchase in August. That's a whole different story on why I wasn't driving it and will be settled in a court, but that's not the problem.So the rear tank doesn't fill because it likely has the midship filler neck...
  2. '92 F250 - Normal start then dead!

    My ultra-reliable 1992 F250 started as usual yesterday morning, but after about 20 seconds abruptly died out (as if a light switch was flicked off). There was no sputtering, no coughing, just a short cutoff. Soon thereafter I could clearly smell what seemed to be overheated wiring in the cab...