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Working on the 50 ford again!!

Looks good out in the sun light!!

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Well it was a good first trip for the 50. We put about 130 miles on it. It has a few noises so I might be looking into the rear diff hopefully it is only an axel bearing not a carrier bearing. The rain kept most people in today only 248 cars showed up at the cruise in. But it was still a good trip in the car.

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Been a while since I posted in this thread. I ended up pulling the rear diff out of the ford to fix a noise and turned it into a small project. Decided to clean and paint the housing. Had the car apart almost 8 months. Just finished getting back together last night but the battery wasn’t up enough to get it running. So I figured I would post what pictures I have.

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Thanks I think it turned out great. It took a little time but was well worth it. I used Eastwood Rust Encapsulator and Eastwood chassis black. Both products are great and the finished product looks like it will last a long time.

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I decided to run the original caps and rings on the light green wheels for now. I will put the Cadillac hudcaps back on eventually. Thought it would be a nice change. The car had a bent wheel on it and we had he green set sitting loose and they were in better shape. I put a new set of Coker wide whites on the green wheels so this thing going to be ready for some cruising here soon!

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Hope to drive it later this week. I discovered that I didn’t have brake lights. Found the wires going to the switch off the master cylinder barely hanging on by one thread of wire. I ordered a new switch and wiring harness last night so I hope to see it here in a few days.

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Drove the ford tonight!! So far it’s doing great. All noises are gone and the the new shocks and tires made it ride like a new car!! I will get some pictures and a maybe a video of it tomorrow. Now all it needs is bath and some detailing. Next will be coating floors with the POR 15 and upholstery!!

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