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Working on the 50 ford again!!

Got part of the floor out I'm having to be careful around the floor supports

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The Token Canadian
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Holy crap has that rusted!
Now I have to cut the old floor off the support braces and make so patches for the rear brace. After that I'm going to make a cardboard template so I know how much to trim the new panel to make it fit. So hopefully I can get more done tomorrow.

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Cleaned up the floor braces today and had to call it a day. Maybe one night this week I can get the panel trimmed and test fitted.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk would never know the flooring would be like that from looking

at the outside of the car!

Great work!...YelloThumbUp

I can tell that the floor is original to car so I'm glad it's not worse than it is. It's held up really well for being in Kentucky for most of the time. It was garaged most of its life I guess carpet and floor mats can hide a lot.

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The rubber mat that was in my 55 sunliner about killed the floors,once it got wet it stayed wet and the front pass side was still wet when the heater core leaked back in the 60s.

That's exactly how the underside padding was on the rubber mat in the car. It was moist when I pulled it out and it had some sort of rubberized coating on the floor that was holding moister too. What tipped me off was rust building up under the corner of the mat near the seat track.

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Finally got back on the floor replacement today. Made a lot of headway thinks to good friend that is good with metal. Hopefully I will have it ready for upholstery by the next couple of weeks.

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Still a lot of spot welding to do. The self taping screws help hold it down. It was put in place a dozen times and triple checked, So tomorrow will be a day of welding, beating and fitting the new floor. By the time it's done and covered it I'll look nice.

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I will take some pics tomorrow before I start sealing the floor and coating it. While I was out getting some needed jeep parts today my friend finished welding the floor in for me. I owe him big time for all the help.

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Upholstery is getting started on tomorrow night!!! It's going to take some time but it will look great once done. The rear glass still has to come out for the headliner. Hopefully the front can stay in, won't know until the trim comes off around the inside of the windshield tomorrow night.

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I used a brushable seam sealer made by evercoat automotive. I bought it through car quest auto parts. I'm not sure how long they are going to carry it here at least . Car quest was bought out by advance auto parts and are closing the car quest store and combining it into the advance store. I guess as long as there is a car quest store that sells body and paint supplies you can find the stuff.

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