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Post a pic of your 87-96 and 97 F250's and up


Master Junk Tech
For Sale!!!!!

My 97 Hooked to my camper


Has the Cat Scratch Fever
Very nice! They're getting finger prints on the paint :(


Has the Cat Scratch Fever


Tonto Papadapolous
This is my first Ford from this generation. I bought it to pull the 18' trailer behind the truck. Can you believe it's a former ranch truck?

I've had this truck for 7 years now, and have put a whopping 6,000 miles on it. I just use it for pulling our camp trailer once or twice during the summer. The odometer turned over last year for the second time. Everything except the A/C still works(needs to be convereted to R-134).

In those six years I have replaced tires, TPS, fuel pump and switching valve, and the rear fuel tank sender needs replaced. For $2500 dollars, it's been a very good truck.
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