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    • DZG reacted to Fellro's post in the thread 351W questions with Like Like.
      I believe Ford kept the bolting pattern equal. Be aware there is generally only one way the bolts line up, they are not equallt spaced on the converter. Other thing to watch out for is keeping the converter in the pump gear - if it gets out...
    • DZG replied to the thread 351W questions.
      Might be showing ignorance here but thatll work with my FMX's converter?
    • DZG posted the thread 351W questions in 289, 302, 351W.
      Hey guys. Long time no post.I got a 77 LTD II (i know not a truck) with a 351w that is...iffy. Its sat for many years after it jumped time.Anyways..Im curious...if i bought a junkyard 351w from a later model F series (an EFI version) could...
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