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Post a pic of your 87-96 and 97 F250's and up

My '97 the day I brought it home. Had to winch it on the trailer, wouldn't turn over. Ended up needing a starter and a lot of other little repairs.



After I got it running, transfer case was stuck in neutral. Shift linkage broke. Fixed that, then did front calipers, full brake fluid flush, bunch of broken vacuum lines, and all new hoses for the plow.


Still some work to do. Cab is broken beneath the passenger seat, needs new door locks and shocks. I put a set of practically new studded snow tires on it, don't have any pictures since I've done that. Got a spare set of aluminum wheels that I want to mount some Cooper all terrains on next summer, and flatbed it.

My 94 IDIT CCLB F350, my buddy had to pose with it after it was loaded up yesterday after it’s head gaskets packed up.

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94 F350 7.3 IDI Turbo on the left and “Big Red” 95 F250 5.8 on the right.

Little envious of those two. Nice!

Only way it'd be better is if one was blue (if my collection) RvB.


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I’d actually rather they were black. Mostly bought them because they are so clean underneath.

Yep, all good colors.

I have a red 1992. I have a black 1991 F-250 plowtruck too, but would jump on anything that looked clean like those two if red, black, blue, orange. Not a fan of white but if impeccable, sure.

Really nice trucks from the profile shot.

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