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Hello from PA


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Dang! That thing is ready for shows!
thanks guys.

I racked up a bunch more miles on it and finally got most of the wet sanding sludge out of the inside and under the hood.

I am not really a car show kinda guy but I may swing it by a cruise or 2 this summer.

I built it as a driver... it just turned out a bit nicer than I expected.....driveline wise and paint wise.
today painted the firewall so it looks a bit better now.


I never though I would use the stuff in a hot rod BUT A friend of mine gave me a partial box of dynamat also so I took my headliner down and pasted up a bunch.....I figured what the heck it is free.


I put the headliner back up and pulled up the floor mat and put some on the tranny tunnel and on the some of the high spots on the floor stampings. I didn't want to put it on any of the stamped channels or ribs so it would trap moisture.

I put the mat back and installed some on the inside of the inside door access panels.

I took it for a spin and I think it may have quieted it down just a tad... the exhaust is still loud but it "may" be easier to have a conversation now and maybe it won't get quite so hot sitting in the sun now....that never bothered me but the wife and daughter will be happier.
I got tired of the highway gears so I bought a new set of 4.56's at carlise this fall and picked up a limited slip for the front.

Yesterday I got it all buttoned back up and today I rebuilt my rear leaf packs... I had a few broke leafs.

It HAS a lot more traction now that it has tight L/S in the front and rear and the gears help it out a LOT.

I couldn't go anything too aggressive with it since I had my daughter with me and were wheeling alone....

I re-calibrated the speedo and am really happy with the gears BUT I need a new rear drive-shaft since mine is REALLY wore at the splines and I get vibrations over 55....I guess before I never spun the driveshaft as fast as it turns now.









I got the new shaft from simkos today and got it on (had to change the yoke on the t-case also). now it works out great.... no vibs at all and with the 4.56 gears and the little 200 I can now get the truck to over 85 MPH......thought it is a little scarey running it at those speeds!!!


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I really like the black and green combination. It looks good on that classic F-series truck. Is that a Marmon-Herrington conversion?
I put 2 full days into rust repair in it (mainly patches in the front fenders) and repainted the fenders and grill. I decided to go all green but am not sure I like it better or not I may go back to black fenders in the future once I get around to using some bondo to smooth them out.


We had another daughter 10 days ago so I may not be driving this truck as much (can't fit 4 people). So I gotta light a fire under myself and get my early bronco and coupe done


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Congrats on the new daughter - they change a daddy's life forever!!

Trucks are looking good too.... you don't think about how small these trucks really are until you try to put a car-seat between you and the mrs - and then realize you can't shift gears (floor shift)
Thanks!! Yeah we made due with just one car seat and the wife but I can't fit 2 car seats. And can't really leave on of the daughters at home!

Yup very busy guy.... I will try to update the bronco progress tomorow

Tonight With help from my dad and my friend Toby, we burned the midnight oil and recovered my seat in my black f1. It looks a lot better now.


A few weeks ago I also replaced the speedometer with a nice one and put all new knobs on the dash. This thing has really shaped up.

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