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Hello from PA

mflat referred me to this site so I figured I would post up an intro.

I live in the mountains of PA and drive a bonus built year round......25,000+ miles a year rain..snow..offroad...etc...etc...

I made is 4x4 and built it for mileage while attempting to keep it as stock looking as possible.


I also have a sleeper f-1 that I built.. I make it look all stock but has a drive train in it


I also have a 1948 restoration project in the works.


I also have a bunch of other fords....

79 f-350 4x4

79 f-150 2wd

74 bronco rock buggy

77 bronco rock buggy in is getting bigger axles..I got the rear under it and need to get the front under it.

68 bronco restoration project..... this is a before pic...before I tore it down.... it is now in the paint shop.....I hope to spray it soon.

1950 ford coupe project

30 a coupe project

31 a pickup project

and lastly a 1959 land rover that I am building with a ford bronco drivetrain.



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I believe you have more projects than I do! I didn't think that was possible, lol.


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Your only a few miles away I'm in Grantsville beside Salisbury pa.
Those trucks looked familiar I think I saw them before. I'm in Somerset often doing computer work.


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I'm supposed to pick up an air cleaner at John's place this weekend - I think I'd better plan on a little more time than I did originally. That's a really cool group of rigs that will need closer inspection!
thanks everyone...

mflat.. I don't have ALL my junk at my you won't get to see all my junk... just the projects and the drivers... the black truck, the blue truck and the rock crawlers I store down the mountain at my parents in the winter.

I am 4 wheeling sunday so I May have the green bronco on the trailer up my place ready to take to the woods.
I finally found an extra set of 4 16" stock ford f-1 rims so I painted them and bought 4 new 16-7.50 8 ply tires from Coker.

They are a few inches bigger BUT ride a lot better, have less road noise and should hopefully last a bit longer while hauling all the band equipment every weekend..they have a higher load rating........ the 15-7.00's worked great the last few years but I always wore out the backs way to pre-maturely when loaded.

I got to get used to the bigger tire look and the higher feeling the truck has but so far so good.

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Flatheads Forever
Nice look! It was great to meet you last month - wish I could have stayed and listened to the band practice. Good music!
Those new tires look great, and very correct. And if it's true that he with the most projects wins, I'd say you're in the running. You've got me beat, for sure. :)
Well I ripped the black truck all apart.... I am painting is glossy, I hope to have it done by the 4rth of july... but I am at the mercy of my friend that is doing the actual spraying...... I have sprayed a dozen or so cars in my 31 year of life BUT I am no pro and the cost of materials is through the roof so I will leave the spraying to the professional.

I hauled the model A out of my garage to make room (I made some headway on it like getting the front suspension done and getting a motor mocked in place) so I will miss working on it for a little will return once the bronco is done.



It was nice to see the 48 rolled out of the garage while cleaning things up, one of these days I will finish it..but kinda hard to rationalize it right now with 2 f-1's on the road.

I have been making good headway on the bronco now that it is back up my place.

I have most of the metalwork done on the drivers side.

The drivers side new has NOS rocker, NOS door post, NOS striker post, NEW quarter, NEW cowl side, NEW, inner fender pannel, NEW fender PLUS NEW floor pan and a bunch of other small patched done.






I started hacking up the passenger side... it is going to the same treatment the drivers side got....this thing is going to be mostly new when done.




PS here are some before pics on the bronco....



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