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1986 supercab

Finally took the ford for a trail run today, also hooked up the winch and respooled it so it is ready to rock. Put the big Michelin's on, Need to upgrade the radiator, had to run with the heater on full and the hood popped and that would maintain 200deg. Also holy smokes, the flies that pull skin when they bite, they were lifting the truck into the air, never seen so many and viscous they were, so windows hard up with heater full on, made a nicer sauna than a truck, we were almost naked when we made it back to pavement haha. Was a good run, one really tight spot that defied physics, made it through without any damage , but not sure, looked like it was going to bite the front corner and opposite box side . Wow , I dont think I'd be lucky enough to make it in the same spot again. Was fun, then stopped at a buddies on the way home. Only pic I have is of the respooled winch, ready to winch stuck victims haha.

Oh yeah, on the radiator , I have a aftermarket aluminum rad I will be installing, but I'ma have to route the rad hoses opposite sides, so going to pick up a bit of exhaust pipe and install the rad today. Have to make some brackets too for it both for mounting and the shroud.


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The list is getting smaller of stuff that is critical and once that is done, the list of wants can be started on.

The critical list last few items are - abit of welding on the pass cab sill, radiator swap, a new drag link, and a new windshield. That is all for the has to be done.
The want list includes new front springs to replace the crappy sagged out JUNK COUNTRY springs, a snorkel, dual big batteries relocated to the box, upgrade the alternator from 2g to 3g, inboard the rear springs directly under the frame rails, that also includes moving the rear traihitch to allow room for the springs. This the want list for the time being, but the alternator might end up being moved to the critical list.
Rad is in, hoses are on the wrong side, so some exhaust pipe and a couple extra clamps and it will work, also had to fabricate some "floating" mounts for the bottom from some scrap flat bar and some 1/4" rubber to line the mount.
Some pics of touring the back country around the house, and installing new slinger seals on the rcv axleshafts


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Not much build up lately, been busy enjoying the truck haha, but things I've done are added some aux stitches for the fan, light bar and one unused yet, and a relay for the elec fan, the light already had a relay.I like to control my fan, I usually dont need the fan running for daily driving as it is all at speed, but for trail running or extended town driving or yard work, it is switched on , but is keyed switch power source so when the truck shuts off the switches are off also. Had a problem with the rear locker, broke the pins , so new spring and pin kit is needed,so to keep driving, I reinstalled the factory spider gears, the truck is also has a locker in the front so it still is trail worthy. Did some body damage on the last trail run, right after all the major dents were straightened, but no worries, it will straighten pretty easily, on the good note, no need to lift the box off to repair cab sill and corner, with the bent box side, that leaves me enough room to weld in a new cab corner . Other than that been pretty quiet. Oh yeah, rubbed a tree with the fender flare and broke it up pretty bad, so all zip tied back together


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Looks like the off roading keeps you busy during and after you get back YelloThumbUp

You've got some beautiful places to drive too!
Looks like the off roading keeps you busy during and after you get back YelloThumbUp

You've got some beautiful places to drive too!

Thanks, yep, the Maritime are beautiful, especially this time of year and the colours start changing, when I'm not wheeling, we are out touring in the car, here is my other ride, even tho it is not a Ford, I like all 3 brands haha.


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My truck needs new headlights, so I'm going to do something a bit different, I was talking to my buddie to see if he had any rad support from the dent era and he does, with round headlights, so he is giving me a set of buckets and and rings , I'm going to fit them on the 86, and I'm thinking a little trimming to the bezels and it will look pretty cool, no need to ask why, haha just to be different, kinda going for the look the early rangers had with the round headlights right after the for courier.
Not a truck, but still mercury product haha, but my buddie and I Flew to Alberta and drove this back to Nova Scotia. It's been sitting 6 years untouched. Just threw a good battery in, installed 2 new used tires and an oil change and we were on our way, here are some pics. Roughly 5000kms , no issues. It's a 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis, was the Late father in law's car. 351w and aod.


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The Token Canadian
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Some dingleballs needed where the visors are and some fun fur on the dash :p

That's a long trip...had a few friends that have done it.
Haven't sold the old girl, removed winch bumper as an assy with light bar and winch, installed plow gear for winter, smashed the wife's car right before Christmas so the truck has been daily driver and snow pusher till a couple days ago when the 9" rear end decided to come out through the back of the housing. Now we have nothing to drive , so I bought a car for the wife and I'll be using it temporarily till I swap the D60 full float rear end from the bronco. Then my truck will be mobile again. Haven't checked gear ratio yet but if I have to I'll just run in 2wd till I can swap gears.
Well I wrecked the f150 this weekend, had been plowing the snow and it was wet heavy snow from the last snow fall we had. Roughly 40-50cm. I bent and compressed the entire front frame from the cab forward. So now I'm going to build an entirely new chassis , power train and drive line. Extra heavy duty with a CAT 3208, 10 speed trans, a divorced np201 , chevy Dana 60 front and 14 bolt rear. I'll be using the cab and front clip from the f150, building a custom box, custom gauge cluster with gauges from the donor truck which is a LN8000. Got a pretty good deal on it. Here is the donor truck


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