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Which manufacturer is better?


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Can't speak to truck tires, but on cars and crossovers I've always had the best tread life with Bridgestone. I get a 60,000 mile Bridgestone tire, I can push it 80k. I get a 60,000mile Michelin tire, I only get 45-50k. That said, just put a new set of Michelins on the wife's edge, because they were cheaper and only plan on having it another 25k or so.


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Bridgestone is a Japanese tire manufacturer who has owned Firestone since 1979.


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Of the three you posted I'd almost have to say the bridgestones. I'm a fan of BFGoodrich but the rugged trail is arguably one of their worst tires. And I'm with Ben on the Michelins... they're a good tire but a few of our trucks at work came with those LTX on them and the tread life was abysmal


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I personally have never had an issue with Michelin tires... unless it's for a truck. Toyo has been my "go to" brand for truck tires in the last few years.


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I have Michelins on my E 450, my explorer, and my F 250. No complaints
i have the mich at2's you posted on the front of my truck... no complaints with them... and had the dreaded BFG K02's (which you didnt have posted) with no problems either...
When i had my 02 xterra we ran with BFG all terrains and had great mileage out of them with even wear across the complete tire. But that was almost ten years ago so i'm not sure it would be the same.

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