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wheel cylinders

mine is the snap pin type, plus i made one from oak(my sunday go to meeting cane). the problem w/ using the cane to hold the pedal is that as soon as you open the bleeder, there goes the pressure that was holding the cane


Staff member
As long as the pedal was truly all the way down, it shouldn't have mattered...
sas doesn't like to sit in the truck. she loves to ride in it, but not sit as she does in mommies van. have her hold a brake pedal would be like R spending $$$$$$. just not happening
i heard he's "tight"... God bless 'em for that but Ryan spend a nickle. you can't take it with you and you aren't giving it to me. think of Sassy. she needs feeding
If only sass could work the wrench, something might get DONE!


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
I spent cash last night, and it hurt. My buddy is getting married tomorrow, and we bought him some gag gifts at the local... well, carl, you know the place.


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