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wheel cylinders

well i'm going out to attempt changing the wheel cyl's on the back of the beast. i know the brake lines won't come out and i'll not have the correct lines to go from the T on the axle to each cyl. so if i'm not on for a while it's 'cause tools are flying, the computer lies in the back yard, Sassy is hiding under the bed, & my neighbors have called the nut house. this doesn't mean the mods are off the hook. i've set up my wifi so that the neighbor can post during my upcoming breakdown posing as me. if he says things about killing libs....... i completely endorse that opinion:wavey:
yeah right.. like a hang nail.
i don't care what ANYONE says.... 1 person can NOT bleed
'91 brakes alone. even with a vacuum bleeder. and sassy is no help unless i could find a way to attach food to the b-pedal and she held. that's like asking non-mentioned dudes leave the tally whacker alone.
that's similar to the rig i had tom. with all the air i had from changing out the cyls, i still needed a person to add fluid as i bled. i hate working on vehicles.
thanks for the link though.
Carl, did you ever get this done or are you still running around with AIR BRAKES?
Maybe he just takes the lawn mower or the chevy....
no i need to change the shoes so i havent screwed with 'em. i've got good brake but the abs light is on
You might have damaged the tone sensor when you were trying to get the bleeder open; they're kinda persnickety that way... Bump 'em and they're history.
How you doin, otherwise, sir?


Staff member
A cheater way to bleed i have found is to leave the bleed screw open, then give the brake one pump, and wait. It will usually fill up on it's own by flowing from the master. Be sure the master is full before you start! This will get the majority of it out. To finish off, if by yourself, take a round rod, about 1/2" diameter, drill a hole about 3/4" in a piece of flat stock, and then push the pedal down, use the rod to push the pedal, and the flat bar to push against the seat, and it will hold the pedal down for you. This is essentially all the tool is that the alignment guys use to apply the brake while setting the alignment.
funny,.... i used my cane(adjustable) for just this trick. though i know i still want to do it again with help or the tool like tom linked to


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The cane won't hold it quite the same, you have to let it back to whatever length it works, or wedge it in... in the meantime, you let a little pressure out., I sucks because of all the walking you have to do, but it sure goes faster to have help...
He may have a cane like the one I have... it uses a compression sleeve to adjust instead of the snap-lock buttons.


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I have the fold up type with the buttons... keep them in each vehicle so I have them as I need it... which lucky for me has been getting to be less lately. If I go to a movie or have to sit for a long time like that, I generally need it though.

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