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Trucks been sitting


don't play well w others
3 speed not to bad. Too bad your not closer, I have a brand new 10" clutch here I'm not going to use


don't play well w others
One piece. Pretty simple with the flywheel off

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Kinda sucks cause i gotta pull the dang transmission. Luckily it don't look bad. Little old 3speed manual.
What's the easiest way to drop that thing? My clutch is still"new" only got some 20k on it when a shop fixed it when i was younger. Where can i get an alignment tool for the clutch
Also gonna need a brake caliper too. Locked up tight.

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don't play well w others
That sucks! Last time my rear end was bad, they cut out a piece of my intestine.....
Rear seal Doug. The depends should take care of that. Ask Dunkin

I have clutch alignment tools here, not sure where to buy one, they usually come with the clutch kit.

Maybe ask at a supplier like NAPA, etc.