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Replacing cab...

I have what I am sure is a 1972 chassis with dually and dump bed. It has a 1970 100 cab on it that is rusted out, repaired and rusted out again.

I am seeking to replace the cab with the newest model I can fit. I am hoping for no older than mid 80's and no newer than 2000. Don't care if it is F100-F350... Would love if an extended cab could fit.

I am capable of small modifications, yet I don't intend to spend much money aside from purchase of cab. I use this solely for utility and only want to preserve the integrity of its function. However, if I can improve its value and function at the same time, win.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or information.
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You are stuck with 79 down For a almost bolt on . .

But could fab frame mounts for 96 down as long has none eletric speedo We just put 87 down Dash none efi wiring harness in them easy to change . Mounts are easy but getting the speedo to work since you trans /rear has no option for it isn't .
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Anything after '72 is gonna be wider on the mounts. Thus you'll be adapting any kind of mounting to work on that groanframe...