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Real or Myth?: Syn vs. Conv.


They call me Spuds
Middleton, ID
SHHHH.....I change mine every 10,000 whether it needs it or not.

Same here...

Awesome thread, but of course, I have a question. I think I caught most of what was said...but there were a few things that conflicted for me:

1) I caught in there to change conventional oils every 2500 miles, but it was also said that oil change intervals are hyped up? I think most conventional oils recommend 3000 mile intervals...if that's hyped up, then why change at 2500?

2) First and foremost, I understand it's important to know where your oil is graded at. However, it was stated that changing the oil every 2500 miles would be cheaper than switching to a synthetic. Now my practice is to change dino's once a year or 9-12k...and syn's once a year or every 12-15k. For the Mustang, I just picked up a 5qt jug of Mobil 1 (need to determine the grade) full syn 5w-20 for 24.50, plus an extra qt to meet capacity for $6, plus the filter at $ call it $40 after tax. I plan on running that for another 12-15k. Now say, you get a cheap jug of the Wally World special for $12, plus a couple extra quarts to meet capacity at $3 ea, plus the same $5 for a filter. Now you're talking $25 for the first change. If you're changing every 2500miles you're adding 4 extra changes over the same time frame. It was suggested to change filters every other you're talking an extra $90 over the same 12,500 miles. Outside of the cheap insurance, how is that cheaper???

I believe Ryan was talking about his Harley for that synopsis...


Oilfield Trash
Stigler, OK
I believe Ryan was talking about his Harley for that synopsis...

Yes I was Eric. However the point was for anyones personal application, you have to run the numbers both ways to see what will be more benificial for your wallet. In my case on my HD using synthetic in the engine is an entire waste of money. In the clutch and trans which is changed once a year, cost is not really a fator as it is less than 1 qt in each, plus better protection.

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