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My new truck!


son of Steve
I didn't want her to have filthy mats lol.

there's no shared love....she gets it all....the '04 would self destruct if she could hear me talk about her all the time lol


Top Poster Of Month
Got a couple more things for the truck. New shift lever ( previous owners dog thought it was a chew toy?) and a USB port charger which lites up blue when plugged in, cool smilieFordlogo
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Tonto Papadapolous
Installed the new auto shift lever this afternoon that I got from the Ford dealer the other day. Took me about an hour, took my time and did some cleaning too. Was an easy job to do, I found a really good YouTube video which was very helpful. No more dog's chew toy lever!

No pictures? Roy, you know the rules..................smilietease

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