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My Johnny Cash Truck

Just got a major score for my truck for $20! Just got to clean and polish them up!


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Well, I finally got back to the truck after being distracted by my boat...
Yesterday I finally hooked the power steering lines to the transmission cooler in the radiator and the gearbox. I bled most of the air by last night and this evening I will do some more. It was great to finally drive it again. I still need a timing adjustment because the vacuum meter is reading negative when not idling. I Installed the rubber spring helper blocks on the passenger side finally today to help level the truck until I can budget in the replacements in the future.


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I am a little suspicious of my power steering pump as it is a little jerky... It is the only older part left and likely damaged due to previous gearbox leak. I will give it a little more time to see it it is a stubborn air pocket.

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To my dismay, I discovered the intake manifold gasket is blowing oil pretty badly. About to create another post for advice on that one.. Look for it.

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I've been cranking the truck daily for the past week since I finished the steerong box install. I grab a few minutes here and there to try to dial in the tune because the vacuum gauge keeps hunting.. (intake gasket, sigh)

Yesterday I drove to the gas station and of course, Murphy struck and the truck would not start.

It turned out the solenoid nut was working loose. You know.. Too many connectors and wires and not enough post... Anyway,

Here is my soloution... This worked great on my modded mower and the beauty of this is it will make wiring in that new fuse box oh so much easier!
Just a hair over $4 at Lowe's or Home Depot and enlarging the mounting hole needed.


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