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My Johnny Cash Truck

I call it that because though it started life as a 68 camper special, over the years it collected parts from all of the year model series. One piece at a time.

The only part left of the original truck is the cab and 1 door. It is now tagged as a 72 because dad dropped the cab on a 72 frame and the drivers door was replaced as well.

My mother bought the 68 F100 for my dad in 72. I was born in 73. 90% of my memories of my late father were made in that truck. Dad was rough with it but it persisted.

It once had a 428 and dad put chains around the motor mounts because he kept popping them with the torque of the T10, 4 in the floor transmission. It now has a 360 engine that I converted to electronic ignition because I got tired of adjusting points on the side of the road all of the time.

It has BF Goodrich T/A KO2 31 x 10.5 x 15 tires and enough helper springs in the back that dad was able to carry a truckload of brake drums.

It has a fabricated heavy steel bull bar on the front and is covered with lights. It reminds me of an 18 wheeler in some ways.

When I was 20, my dad told me it would be mine one day. For the next 10 years I would occasionally ask when he would give me my truck. His answer was always "you're not ready yet".

One day when I was 30 years old. we were sitting on the front porch and I gazed off at the truck and mumbled that I would never sell that truck. "what did you say boy?" he said. I repeated myself then looked back at the truck. He almost hit me in the head with the keys as he said "i've waited ten years to hear you say that!"

There you have it. That's the story of my most favorite possession in the world!



Here is the dash bezel I am making:

Here is the hood ornament I made for it:

My son at age 2 sitting in my truck. (he is 14 now!)

Me at age 5, YEP same truck!

A painting of my fondest memory in the truck:

There are two other photos I want to share but I cannot get to them just now.

I am slowly restoring and customizing the truck as I am able to on a fixed income I hope to one day track down a 1967 series 428 police Interceptor to drop in it.

Thanks for reading my long post.

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Great story and timeline! Welcome to the site.
That is a great history your Dad, yourself and now your son are going to share with this truck - this is the best kind of family heirloom you can get. Those pics you have are wonderful and i think you might just want to create a scrapbook/journal with your pics and some favorite stories about the truck to be able to pass on down with the old girl.


The Token Canadian
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Great story, welcome to the site!

I haven't seen on of those Lynx air cleaners in years!
great story man.
When I installed the HEI ignition system, I had to delete the resistor wire. I did not realize i was disconnecting the I terminal on the voltage regulator as well. Today I corrected that wiring error so now the alternator is charging properly. I also installed a new water pump today.

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The Token Canadian
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Good to hear you got it figured out!
Oh! I've been neglecting updates. Here's a before and after. The first is from when I installed the new carb.


Here's where I am today...


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