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How to tell push button from 2wd?


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My eddie bauer has been spot on for 10 years after I did all the suspension work. Sealed the oil leaks, some other things.
For the 10 years, only minor things. oil changes, etc.
I did tune it up last month, plugs looked good, needed a cap and rotor. used a better set this time with brass posts.

This truck is a 4.9 5 speed.
I imagine an automatic would do well.

My 94 was abused and totaled when I got it, so putting it together was the same
I did have to put a transmission in it.
10 years, on a motor with over 200,000 on it last year it started missing, and I could have kept running like that, but chose to freshen it up. That is a 5.0ho with a 4r70w 4x4 automatic transfer case.

I imagine whatever you get will hold up well, and serve you for whatever you need.

I assume the 2 week wait you refer to is the covid. I wish you well, several of my friends have run right on through with no issues. some not so lucky.

Be well my friend
mostly just wanting it as a backup for when lil dually goes down, cheaper to fix when something does break... ect ect... simpler to fix too.. wish i could find a crew cab long bed but not having much luck in that with older trucks unless their 3/4-1tons... and then most of those are beat to crap inside or out... or ppl want to much money for them... it might become another daily which is why ive looked at 1/2 tons.. cheaper in few ways.. still carry weighted plates around here though... be nice to find a 4wd too.. but most seem to be 2wd.. so not a deal breaker on that.. dont use 4wd often but nice to have when needed...

got a 7x16' cargo trailer i tow occasionally that for lil dually she didnt care about till her HG issue presented itself... dads truck with his 4.8 (chebby) the mileage dropped like a rock pulling it... why i like the bigger displacements.. they got a little more towing power..

yup covid.. i think i had the worst of it last week when i was thinking it was a cold... turned out was actually covid... feeling better but still got a headache...


don't play well w others
I know you like OBS, but for a f 150 crew you may want to do like we did and go a little newer. our 06 f 150 is crew, short bed, 4x4, 4.6.
pulls a decent trailer, halfway decent fuel mileage. Took some getting used too, but not a half bad looking truck now that we've had it a while.
The plugs were no problem because it has 3v heads starting in 06

Not having much luck loading pics from the laptop, and tapatalk is down, I'll add later
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Here ya go

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Here's one

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You wouldn't know anyone who knows how to weld per chance??????
Just an idea of price, that's the low end, prefect low mileage around $6-8,000
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Downside to that. I dont want the short short beds. They look like someone that backed a truck into a wall and shrunk the beds. As much as id like a crew im not against ext cabs. Just dont want a stand cab. Had one before as much as id like that truck back i wouldnt buy another because of the lack in inside storage space.


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Good thing about the 04 up trucks, the supercabs are 4 door too, They have a regular back seat not the long jump seat like the obs. they come in medium and 8' beds.

I can watch for crew cab obs up here, but your going to be in a truck almost as heavy duty as your dually. Ad they are pricy.
Supercabs are readily available in f 150, or maybe you'll get lucky and find a centurion conversion f 150 crew cab long bed. I have seen 3 of those, only 1 didn't need restoration

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