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How many miles do you have on your F-150?


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81 f150 4x4----haven't got a clue--gotta be ungodly miles though.


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I have always found it amazing how many miles a truck can last when proper maintenence and common sence are used. I've seen people that have their trucks destroyed by the time they hit 100,000 and others who's trucks are just getting comfortable hitting twice that.


Tulsa, Ok

since 100k. I put in a new solenoid. one brake job. 3 oil changes. 3 u joints.

its need as of right now, ball joints, pitman arm. Transmission (possible new one) , tune up. ans ome other crap

I regulary peg out the speedo. Ive pulled a midsized dumptruck out of the mud. jumped it. buried it up to the door handles. etc etc.

The only major unidentified problem i have right now is the truck wants to die while idling just before it warms up fully....


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Union, MO
buried it up to the door handles.

We could be brothers.....:rofl: :rofl:
Last time that happened to me I had to replace motor. Now replacing motor and trans!!!
My '86 F150 has what is assumed to be 142K miles, but you can't say for sure since the mileage reading only has a 5 digit figure, but since it is kinda on the rough side, i'd say it has at least turned over once. Maybe twice, but that's highly unlikely, even though it probably will since I plan to keep it for quite some time. And no, my avatar pic is not of my truck, I lost my cam b4 I bought the truck and haven't found it since, but plan on buying another camera when time permits. Seems to be running strong still, no burning oil or major leaking from what I can see.:beer:


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My F-150 has 155k on it. I bought it with 130k on it, and worked it hard pulling an RV. All original except it's got a used tranny with unknown miles, and a new clutch.

My Bronco has 130k. All original. Even the factory paint still shines on it.


My '86 F150 m/t has right at 340K. Original motor no major work done to motor or tranny....yet. I hope it stays that way for many more years to come. My friend bought the truck new in sept of 86 and I have been bugging him to sell me the truck for quite some time.


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Belton, MO
Welcome, Fenderbender! Post around the site and make yourself at home. Feel free to introduce yourself in the Personal Announcements area.

Might I ask what setup you have? Which engine? Does it have the C6 transmission?



It has the 300 I-6 with the manual tranny but I am not sure which one it is yet. I just dropped it this past weekend to replace the clutch and I have yet to finish cleaning it. I got a pilot bearing removal tool from the parts place and it didn't work so my buddy made me a special slide hammer at work so I get to try it out tomorrow. We also went ahead and replaced the u-joints and trans mount since it was down.
My 1997 4.6 has 220,000 on original motor and M5OD. I have owned it since 93,000 miles. Shows no signs of slowing down. This is my first Ford and I am impressed.
On my 1998 NASCAR special edition F-150 I have almost 89,000 miles on it!!!!
wow, my 78 has only just flipped the 100,000 Kilometers, actuall Kilometers is100, 683 KLM ORIGINAL...... Dad bough it new in April 78 and never drove it other then June, July and August,


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The one I bought the mean my all the way up to 6505 :D



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mine has 250,xxx but the engine only has about 1000 mimles on it since i rebuilt the motor in the spring. its runs so much better after the rebuild since the only original parts i used were the block, crank, and connecting rods. everything else was new including a brand new head from ford for only like $350 that inlcuded the valves, keepers, and springs too all assembled. i love my motorsmiliepeelout :nana: :D


Let 'er eat boys!
Union, MO
well I got about 175000 out of my 02 before the motor, trans and driveshafts blew! LOL now they all are at zero and I get to try again!

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