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Fuel pump relay location 1991 E350?

91 E350 Clubwagon 5.8 auto. Fuel injected. My front tank fuel pump doesnt always turn on and the truck cranks but won't start. Usually I can hear it turn on when I cycle the key to accessory but now it works maybe 25% of the time. It ran great all winter and on the first warm day it started acting up. Sounds like classic electrical issues to me. The rear tank pump stopped working intermittently and then completely died two years ago while I was driving so I've just been rocking the front tank ever since. I'm suspecting the relay might be faulty and maybe the rear pump is just dead. Hard to say. I want to start by replacing the relay and checking electrical before I throw a pump or two at it or start looking at the computer/wiring. But Im not sure where the fuel pump relay is located. I found two relays next to the battery. Not in a fuse box or anything just laying loose. The only fuse box I've seen is under the driver side dash. Not sure if it's one of these? See the photo with the part numbers. Or is it located somewhere else? I read it may be on the passenger side interior. There is a relay there too but it only has 3 pins. I think the fuel pump relay has 5 pins looking at what O'Reilly's had in their computer system. The part numbers next to the battery are: 913157 and 913182. Is it one of these? The one under the dash passenger side didnt have a number with a red rubber top and I dont know if it's original. There is no CEL coming on and I cant read codes off the OBD1. Google took me down a confusing rabbit hole so I came here to ask the experts.

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Not certain on the vans, but on the trucks the relay is generally driver side, by the firewall on the fender, by the diagnostic plug. It does sound more like pump than relay. They can be very much intermittent as well. I have had cases where the pump just quit, no warning, then bang on the tank when it has power and then come out of it and run fine. Also have had a ground wire at the battery cause me to get shut down until I found and fixed it.


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Like stated relay should be near airbox on driver side.
there are 2 one is fuel pump, other is ecm.

Not sure on vans, but the fuel system on the trucks up to 91 still used a fusable link to run the fuel pumps. look on the solenoid, and see if you have a blown link

I would probably guess a pump failure though as most 2 pump systems the 2nd pump fails about 6 months to a year after the 1st pump.

Probably if it were mine, I would check fusable link, relay, then put a pump in the back tank, knowing it needs a pump.

Not sure how easy it is to be able to test the wiring on top of the tank on a van, the pickups you can sneak in there with a test light and probe, have someone cycle the key to see if power is getting to the pump to determine if it's pump or wiring
The fix was I banged on the fuse box with a screwdriver and I haven't had a problem since. I actually sold the van just in case... it was ready for its 4th transmission anyway so I just dumped it ;-p

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Well that is one way to solve the problem

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