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F350 Pulling to the Right

That would be the 3/4 ton
I would measure the lines on the truck.
My guess, your truck will take the shorter hose, but measure to be sure
Thanks for your response.
I'm racking my brain on this issue. I can't believe no one else in this forum has had to face this decision. 21.25" or 22.63" I am leaning towards the longer ones because it's 1.38" difference we are talking about length wise. Everything else seems to be the same. The lines are also rubber so why not be safe than sorry. Just boggles me that the search function in this forum leads me nowhere.
Brakes are a big topic. Even inputting my Vin # still gives me both lengths.:mad:


don't play well w others
A word of caution on a brake line that is too long.
Be sure it don't rub the tire on a lock to lock turn.
If it ends up you put the longer line on where the shorter one was, you should be fine, just make sure it has clearance.

We here give you the great big star award for being the first to come up against this problem



don't play well w others
My truck always pulls to the right when passing a dairy queen. Sorry, couldn't resist.
What happens if there's a Wendys on the left with .50 frosty's?


don't play well w others
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My truck doesn't pull for junkfood but it did turn out to be one of the front brake hoses. My parts came and I installed them today. Turns out mine was the 22.63" also. Victory at last. Thanks for everyones input. Mucho Apreciated!
So checking with the aftermarket stores there are 2 different lengths for the front brake lines. One is 21.25" and the other is 22.63". Both say female 3/8th - 24 and Banjo .375.
Why the 2 different lengths?

Some will label the different hoses as the Narrow and Wide Frame options... (factory flat bed/cab & chassis frame. vs standard bed boxes) i didnt understand it either when i was searching for the flex hoses on mine the first time. thought they were referring to the SRW and DRW options there... but the beds are same bolt pattern there... i went with narrow frame ones now realizing what they were referring to.. the narrower frames use the slightly longer hoses to reach the fittings.. where the wider frames didnt. i didnt have any rub issues then... some of the parts stores have updated their sites to make this less confusing others havent.

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