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F350 Pulling to the Right

08 F350 is pulling to the right when I step on the brakes. I replaced both front calipers and brackets and also installed new pads. Could I be experiencing faulty lines in the front. I read that over time the inside of the rubber tube can collapse a bit. The rotors looked good. I checked the ball joints too. Thanks for your time.


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Seems to me there's an old rule of thumb that if you take your hands off the wheel and step on the brake, a rear brake will pull without turning the steering wheel, and a front brake will cause the steering wheel to turn.

Quick and easy way to confirm you're at the correct end of the truck.


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warped rotors could cause this as well
It definately turns the steering wheel when I step on the brakes. Before I dig deeper into my pockets and just replace the rotors I'd like to test that line. Altho when I release the brake pedal it doesn't pull...only when I get on them. My first thought was the rotors as well. I will also inspect the rears as I haven't done that yet. Thank you for the direction!
sounds like ones gripping firmer or quicker than the other.. sometimes this can just be due to collapsed line not allowing enough fluid to back out of the caliper to fully release for the next time the pedals pressed. another reason can be a bad proportioning valve.. with these newer trucks the proportioning is happening in the ABS control block since it goes directly from the master cyl -> abs control block -> to the 4 corners.

another cause can be the glide pins on once side could be sticking.. I know you said you just did the calipers.. but did you replace the caliper w/ the mounting bracket? or just the caliper itself? reason i ask is because some of the aftermarket AP stores like AZ, advance, napa, pepboys are going to selling it as all in 1 instead of just letting you get the caliper by itself.
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Hi Sparky83, I bought the caliper with the bracket and I even re did the pins with Ultra disk brake Synthetic caliper lube(green bottle Permatex) I think my suspect is the line and I need to do the line test but it's been raining. Any other ideas on how to test if its the line? I was just gonna have the ole lady pump the brakes a few times and release then crack the bleeder and see if it squirts. Thanks for your time.
cool cool.. just figured id check with that... wouldnt believe the number of times ive ran across threads where people complained they still had one dragging after only changing the caliper.. they tend to completely forget they kinda float on the glide pins...

the way you described theres the only way i know of to test them.. if after pressing & releasing the brake you crack the valve nothing comes out its a stuck caliper... squirts like an old supersoaker it a line... it dribbles neither really the culprit...

sounds like your doing pretty good with the process of elimination there... i just replaced both flex lines on my truck.. they were $17 each on my 04...
Happy Day after Thanksgiving.

I finally had time to check into this. I wanted to see the rear caliper and pads since this truck is new to me. Passenger rear top caliper slide pin was corroded and stuck. I had to heat up the top part of the bracket and work the pin out. I cleaned the pin and the insert then lubed. Same with bottom pin and then repeat on the drivers side. Only that 1 stuck caliper slide pin.
With both sides done I checked and adjusted tire pressure all the way around and test drove it.
:(Still getting a pull to the left when I put a quick press on the brake.
Well, at least I have inspected the rear brakes and serviced the pins.
Back to the drawing board and next test which is gonna be the front brake lines.
mixed feelings on the frozen pins there... glad you found them but bummed you had it at the same time... but least you fixed them... hope you can get this figured out soon... im still hoping itll just be the flex line for you...
There is something strange going on. I drove from NC to NJ with heavy stop and go traffic after thanksgiving. On the way up a few times I had to brake hard and the truck pulled like it has been but now after being in NJ for a few days the truck hasn't pulled as hard. I mean I still feel it slightly but the hard pull isn't there anymore. I'll keep this thread posted to what I find next. I may flush the brake lines with new fluid and see what happens.
where in NC were you??


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Pads are wearing in.....
Well I am back at it again. I changed both rear calipers and brackets and added new pads. I rotated the tires and adjusted tire pressure and flushed the brake fluid with new. I don't feel any pulling with a light breaking but hard breaking the steering wheel wants to turn to the left. Its like a fight I have to have whenever I break fast. I guess I'm gonna change the rubber lines now. Seems the next step.


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Check your door and see what axle weight you have for the front
Heavier GVW trucks sit a little higher because of the springs, and require a longer hose


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That would be the 3/4 ton
I would measure the lines on the truck.
My guess, your truck will take the shorter hose, but measure to be sure

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