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"Domino Effect" Chores

I pay less for all of those than I did for two cars in California. I get a farm rate, and the company picks up the tab on the big truck, so it's not so bad. I think I pay 2-300/month in all, including homeowners insurance.
The only car with full coverage is the Subaru, but they all have zero deductable comprehensive.
Every so often I have to call Jeff Montgomery and say,"Hey, Jeff! I got another one!" :rofl:

I guess that is not too bad a deal. I thought vehicles had to be for farm use to get a farm rate....what do I know? :rofl:

I actually have full coverage on the explorer (not paid for :(). I have a set value (what we agreed to) on the 56. It is unlimited and no restrictions that way. All state farm. My house is not involved in that though. It is separate.

Once I get paint on it and some other things done...we will have to re-evaluate the set amount. Or I may move to some "antique" insurance agency.
"farm use" for farm rates is at the state level, lol. I don't have farm TAGS, or anything like that. It just got to where there were so many vehicles we had to have an umbrella policy.

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