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Have an 06 F350 crew cab with long bed. Over the top of the spring leaves are buimper things. One has gone completely and the other is almost dead. They are dirty yellow in color. Not sure what these are called but I get a clunk when the leaf spring contacts the frame on the side where the one is gone. Anybody know what these things are called so I can buy some new ones and install? I have to look at the cab frame bumpers as well as they are likely shot; just haven't had a chance. Why Ford ever used such crappy material for those things is beyond me.
You are right; bump stop. They have them at AutoZone: Energy Suspension Multi Purpose Bump Stop Kit p/n 4.9105G (these are black but they also carry red) $34.99 online. Will drive into town tomorrow and get a kit. thanks! In my search, found these things are also called JOUNCE BUMPERS. Whooda thot?
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don't play well w others
You shouldn't be hitting those that much unless
Your overloaded
your springs are worn
you have broken or cracked springs

Check the springs closely. I would still replace the bump stocks, but would also invest in a add a leaf if they aren't in disrepair

They also sell a secondary leaf kit that installs above the axle and only comes into use when you put a load on the truck
Looked over the springs carefully and all seemed good. There is no load in the truck. Will try and change out those bumpers things in the next day as I have to run into town to get some wiper blades and a few other smalls. They have the bumpers at Autozone.


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the ones in the center are the bump stops... if you have the overload springs (some call them helper springs) theyll have bumpers of their own that when theres enough load in the bed theyll settle on the bumper pads to apply pressure to those springs... but like the others have mentioned.. the bump stops you really shouldnt be hitting unless your going over some seriously big bumps or theyve weakened big time, as those springs dont compress that easily... Especially when that bed is empty...

you may want to look more at the sway bar links... dont know if the SRW had the rear ones like the Duallys did... but the front sway bar drop links are well known for going.. the stock/stock replacement ones just never seem to last long on them... rear ones seem to do a little better at lasting since the drop links are designed differently... but even then being a 4wd the front ends on these trucks are noisy when they come to bumps because of how theyre designed...

Also being an 06 youll want to check the bushings on the Radius control arms... (those massive arms going from the frame to your front axle).. they have a bad rap for the bushings going in them as well..

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