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Am at wits end,Please help!!!!

Hey all, me again. I am at wits end. I have a 98 E350 with the v-10 and what i was told a 4R100, according to door sticker BUT, the id number on trans says it is a E4OD. This is my dilemma, I need a transmission and I have heard all kinds of crap from MANY sources. I want to know once and for all WHAT transmission will work and which one wont. The ID on my tag is F8-UP-BA. I have been told any E4OD or 4R100 from any 2 wheel drive van or pickup between years 96-99 will work and have been told no it wont work. What makes this particular transmission so different from all the others?????? I am begging you Ford guys for help as I do not want to get rid of this van.


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Look for a drain plug
Sent pictures of it to Monster transmissions. Tech told me it is a 4R100. No drum on tail shaft though. Also, mine must be a real oddball because they told me that they used the old shift solenoid from the E4OD and that is why when I search for that id/code, it comes up E4OD but, they said it is in fact a 4R100.