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2012 psd 4x4 lifted suspension issues

Customer has a 2012 thats been lifted an unknown amount. Its atleast 4in. Wide tires with too shallow of wheel backspacing. The drag link and swaybar are in a bind. Its wearing out those parts, it appears the sway bar is bent also. It wonders all over the road.
So, i talked it over with him about rubber vs heim joint on the drag link body end. He wants rubber due to NVH.
Whats your preferance on brands?
Im looking into a larger od sway bar and relocation bracket or one designed with more bend for the lift & an adjustable drag link.

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Norlina NC
If your going rubber might as well just replace it with the factory rubbers. It wont make any difference.


don't play well w others
Like Sparky said
I'd probably go with Moog problem solver, factory fit


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Yep moog for the win, that's what I put on my 3 when I rebuild the front ends

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