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2001 Windstar 3.8L V6 PCV valve location?

Big Jim F150

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This time I'm looking for answers to questions on my 78 F150 Ranger Lariat, but my mom has a 2001 Windstar SE Sport with the 3.8L V6 engine. My question is that would a PCV valve and the return line of the PCV valve cause the Check Engine Light to come on with a lean burn code on each bank of cylinders, but I had stopped at the Ford dealer and they had told me that it needed intake manifold gaskets. But would the PCV valve and the rubber elbow and return line if they're cracked cause the CEL to come on? And where would the PCV valve and return line be located on this engine? This vehicle is front wheel drive. Any help would be greatly sppreciated. Thank you


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I guess it's possible that would be your problem. Don't remember much about the 3.8s but if you look at the valve covers you should be able to find the pcv. I think they're mostly all the same


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PVC is on the "back" valve cover
3.8 is notorious for head problems, and intake leaks.
I would take some carb cleaner and spray around the inside of the heads at idle, to check for leaks, to be sure, but I imagine Ford's diagnosis is correct.