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Will this intake fit my truck

Hello all,

I have a 71 F250 with a 390 2V and want to convert from a 2bbl to a 4bbl. I found an intake on Craigslist a few hours away but want to make sure it will work. It's advertised as a Ford "fe motor" 360 390 4 bbl intake. I've attached a pic of the intake to this thread if that helps.

Thanks !



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The Token Canadian
Staff member
As far as I know they will...pretty sure it will fit a 352 as well.


Staff member
It looks to be the right deal, as it has the part that goes under the valve covers. I don't know of any others that do that. I also agree, 352 being part of the FE family should work.

I have one from a mid 70's 360-390 if that one doesn't pan out for you. Not sure where you are at, these things are HEAVY....

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