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Which filter?

Hello, I have a 2016 F-150, 5.0L and all my friends told me to just change the oil, transmission fluid myself and they will help me, this way I save money.

I am ordering all products from this page, very convenient as all fluids are on one page for my F-150 the oil is solid stuff but I am confused about the oil filter, anyone hear about a Wix filter?

Are they generic/cheap filters or good? I did a search on them and cannot tell fake reviews from real, maybe someone can chime in here, thanks! I am looking to get the best filter as preventing debris from entering the engine is helpful.


Staff member
Yes, shouldn't have any issues with a Wix brand filter.

Wix and Purolator are pretty much the standard for oil filters, one of the two of them private brand filters for most OEMs. Last I knew Purolator was producing Motorcraft filters for Ford.

Would not hesitate for a second to put a Wix filter on my truck

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