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Where the hell is the Ignition control module

Have a 96(the owner says) f700 with tilt down hood and the 7.0l 429. The manufacturer date is 03/97. I would call it a 97 but maybe with the big trucks dates are a lil different, I don't know but anyway. Have a crank no start with no spark. 99% of the time with any Ford and a dizzy no spark means either the module or the PiP. So where the hell is the module on this thing? It isn't the dizzy with the TFM on the side of the distribuor it is definitely a remote module but I can't find it. I looked in both frame rails, too by the coil, all the places where a mechanic with any common sense would look. Any help would be great and a pic would be....well just wow.


Ford Parts Guru
Hmmm, I read this post yesterday elsewhere. Parts catalog shows it on the right fender inner apron, but others say it's located on the firewall.

This is a rectangular grayish box marked MOTORCRAFT


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Pickups it's on the inner fender, if he has a tilt hood, it will be on the firewall, probably on the right, near the steering column
It will be inside a heat sink