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What did you work on today


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Rebuilt the cylinder heads on my 7.3, new exhaust seats, all valves, springs, and seals.

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Close enough! :rofl2:
[emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787], I chased this for almost 5 years. To my knowledge this engine has never been out. But I would like to think International wouldn't have done that either

The Southern President
I must have missed it... what motor had that mis-aligned crank/cam shaft?
I flushed out every fluid in my F450 pickup. I bought it from a cousin and he had zero maintenance done on it and happened to rack up 30,000 miles in a year or so on it, it is a 2020, 7.3 Liter.

used this:
for the main engine oil and coolant. bought a wix filter as well and called it a day.

tomorrow I rip out the seats and put in custom seats for long trip comfort. Will upload pics about that soon!
Pulled the carb on the 68 for a refresh, first really involved work she's gotten in a while. The accelerator pump was trashed and there was quite a bit of gunk in the bowls, I'd swear most of the time involved cleaning the old paper/cork gaskets off of all the mating surfaces. [emoji849]

I have to get it moved for some parking lot work at my complex and while I don't mind pushing it, moving her under her own power would be very satisfying.
The Vic, she has new pads and rotors at all four corners.

The old pads had nice even wear and still had quite a bit of meat left, but the rear rotors were warped. I figured I'd just replace the fronts as well and got what I believe was a decent deal from Rockauto for all four plus pads.

My labor time from set up to bedding the pads? 4.5 hours, probably not the best time, but this was my first go around. After lots of cleaning and lots of lube, she is whisper quiet and butter smooth.

The pedal isn't much different as it's still a little soft for my liking so a bleeding may be in order.


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I guess August is brake month! Lol
Every one of those crown vics I ever encountered had a spongy feeling brake. Odd sensation.

Looking good Charlie. Guess you could paint the cab and leave the rest.......

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