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Want to step up your arsenal?


FTF's #1 Knob Polisher
Cumming, GA
You've probably seen a bit of the work I do on a daily basis... what you haven't seen is the machinery I deal with (Let's face it, I'd hate my job if everything was done by hand!).

I personally believe that every car guy should own a quality orbital polisher. I'm not talking about the $35 10" train wreck at AutoZone, I'm talking detailer-grade equipment here! My go to for light polishing, waxing, glazes, etc. is my Porter Cable 7424XP. This polisher can be had for a fair price, and most times in a good bundle deal:

Nearly every paint correction process I post can be done with this machine. The link posted above is a great start for the DIY detailer - and it doesn't stop at polishing. My PC is used for polishing paint, glass, and aluminum, not to mention other attachments that allow me to machine brush carpet and tires (well worth it).

Consider it, folks!


Licensed to Represent!
I bought a used one of this model on ebay and am excited to try it out this summer.


Has the Cat Scratch Fever
Totally agree Austin, especially for black paint. I use the one my Uncle bought from Griot's Garage. Good quality orbital.

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