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TX or OK!


FTFS Designated DRINKER!
YeeeHaaaw! i'm from Texas the greatest state ever :D


Texas Chapter Leader
ah ha ha ha thats great. Texas is great im not goin to lie, when i first got here, i didnt really fall for the whole texas is the best b.s. but the more im here the more i agree. :)

Raised in western montana, so i guess im not a "true" texan, but i was born here, and am here now, so that counts for something! Right?
Little Elm, TX here. Near Frisco, north of Plano which is just outside of Dallas. Raised near Corpus Christi and I've moved away from this great state 5 times but always ended up coming place like home!


That's how we roll!
No but my fiancee lives in Moore. Does that count?

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