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Truck won't start, bad voltage regulator?

I have a 1973 F100, automatic transmission with a 360 engine. I went to start my truck the other day and it sounded like my battery went dead. I tried start it again and nothing , no click, nothing. I just bought a new battery for it about 3 weeks ago and I checked it and it seems fine. I even replaced it with another battery and nothing. I knew the starter was old because it was in the truck when I bought it and so I replaced it. The brushes were all but gone. So, I replaced it and a new starter solenoid. I tried starting it and nothing. I'm wondering if my voltage regulator got fried?


Staff member
A regulator won't stop it from starting, only from charging. It will run without charge for a bit. Seems more like a connection issue perhaps. Make sure the grounds to the motor are clean and good, as well as the positive to the starter. Also, a bit more of a long shot, but verify the solenoid is even being triggered. Could end up being an ignition switch.
I finally figured out that I had accidentally reversed the "S" and "I" small wires on my starter solenoid and that's why the truck wouldn't start. So now it's running, but I need to take it out for a test run to make sure all is well.