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Trasmission Issues???


Kansas Chapter member
Does anyone know of an aftermarket "Y-pipe" (both pieces) for my 2003 6.0L?

Are there any aftermarket pipes that are solid metal tubing and not with the flex pipe which the Ford/OEM parts have (and where the leaks happen)?

I have a stock motor, so what I have seen includes parts for those that have EGR deletes... but mine still has the EGR.


Staff member
When fixing the "y-pipe" would you replace both peices or just the one that is leaking... and how do you determine?

Or would you replace both parts since the turbo and parts will already be out and now is just the time to replace both... since the other may go at some time as well?
Generally, its the "y" pipe that has the leak because the other one is supported somewhat by the egr cooler. When you remove the pipes, the leak should be apparent.