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Time to change my PS gearbox


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Hey guys,

Well, gauges fixed. Now time to change out the PS gearbox that is leaking all over my detailed engine bay :( I've done a "little" online research to find one and this is the best price I've found..

It only has one review and I've never purchased from them before. Have any of you? Your thoughts? suggestions? In any event, I know that I won't be attempting to rebuild my old one.. Thanks!
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Tonto Papadapolous
I went the rebuilt route, and it did fairly well for about a year, and the slop is back. I would contact the Redhead steering people of Seattle(Google it). They are highly regarded and will either sell you a rebuilt one or will rebuild your own unit. I wish now I would have ponied up on the extra $100 and gone redhead.


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X2 on Readhead.They correct a lot of the internal problems with these boxes.It will be the last time you will have a problem with it.Really good folks to deal with.


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Yeah Dak...I agree with these other guys, I'd rather only cry once on the price. Personally, a steering box isn't exactly where I'd be willing to bargain shop. Another option would be dealing with Lare's Corp...I'm talking with him right now to handle Red's P/A valve and cylinder.

Outside of that, I'd probably rather deal with JBG, NPD or Rock Auto.


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I also agree with going the route of Red Head or Lares. When they rebuild their stuff they really rebuild it and not just replacing seals and cleaning them up like many parts suppliers do and then charge a bunch of money. I'm going to also check with Lares too about rebuilding a steering box since they are closer to me (about 2 hours north).
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Outside of that, I'd probably rather deal with JBG, NPD or Rock Auto.
x4 ...except for that. ;) LOL

Nothing wrong with it really, but it depends on the level of quality you want
in your vehicle. Since you noticed the problem after about a year I figure I
-know;)- your level? :)

What happened after a year was the steel insert they put-in the "rebuilt"
steering gear to take-up the slop, hammered-out a place for itself. BTDT!

So RedHead or another outfit that will line-bore the steering gear is your
only real recourse since what you'll prob'ly get will have already got the
space for the steel-insert hammered out. :/ The only real service there
is they will have new seals and so leak less. If less-leaking is all a guy is
wanting, then any "rebuilt" steering gear will do.

When the internet's .coms were brand new and before "frames" and photos
etc I got mine line-bored locally and found the bearings over the internet.

The machine shop that had the tooling couldn't get bearings! Ford was out
and the bearing-shops couldn't find 'em in any of their catalogs either. :/

Mine's worked out real nice so far but I can detect a little bit of extra play.
Not sure where that play is at this point tho, could be mostly in the tie rod
ends and king pins and cause the little bit of increase from ~3/8" to ~5/8"
of play at the steering wheel in what... 18 years? :)

Alvin in AZ
ps- Old newsgroup junky here and still have an internet "shell account".
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x4 ...except for that. ;)

I just meant that I'd go to those guys before partstrain or whatever the website was called. And FWIW, red head and lare's do supply some of those places with their rebuilt units.


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Cool! :)

What sort of prices are they?
Similar to their websites?

Butthead in AZ

Well a specific example for me is the Bendix P/A control valve on my 77. I called Lare's about 6 months to rebuild mine, her quoted me $3-350. Then he said he's a supplier for NPD and they're usually cheaper than he is, and they were...$250 for the same part. Only way that makes sense is if NPD gets a discount for repeat business and for sending such large batches...which would fall in line with why their inventory of these parts always fluctuates so wildly. That's just one example, and I'm not saying it's gospel in all cases, but it's true in this case.