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The Token Canadian
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Hi guys,
I know some of us here have access to OEM Ford manuals, diagrams and literature, so the idea behind this Sub-Forum is to present those particular articles in there entirety. What we would like to see is the item scanned and presented one page at a time and uploaded to the gallery here, with a copy and paste to your thread here. A pertinent title to the article would help as well. Please post only the information that you have personally collected and not copied from elsewhere, ie...original or reproduction documents that you have scanned, devoid of watermarks or other identifying features.
Once you have scanned and posted the material, make a post to indicate that it is finished and then the comments/discussions can commence!
Posts here are moderated as in they must be approved before they will show up, the reason for this is not to clutter up a thread until it is finished posting.
So if you post and it doesn't show up, that is why.
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Not open for further replies.

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